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Posted on: 18 Nov 2020 by Greenwood Bonsai Studio

We have had some amazing Autumn colour here at Greenwood, I just wanted to take this opportunity to share some of these images with you.

Most of you know that as well as running a bonsai business, I maintain my own personal collection of Bonsai. This is because bonsai to me is not just a business, but having spent the last 30 within bonsai, and longer before that growing up with them during my childhood, they are a way of life.

Japanese Larch. Trained in root over rock style. Potted into 20 year old Walsall Studio Ceramics bonsai pot. Photographed at beginning of November just as needles have turned barley yellow and are starting to fall.
Ukon Japanese Maple. Imported form Japan in 2014. A very hard to get rare cultivar of palmatum. Planted into hand made Brian Albright bonsai pot. I chose the dark pot to get contrast against the bright leaf colour.
Cornelian Cherry. Cornus mas, styled over 10 years from yamadori material collected from Poland. Planted into hand made Brian Albright bonsai pot. When I first bought this it has hardly any branches, just a trunk. It produces a great display of sulphur yellow flower on bare twigs in late winter.

Japanese maple. Although it is not a cultivated form, this regular Acer palmatum always produces great Autumn colour. I saw and bought this tree at Noelanders show in Belgium a few years back. The trunk and flare at the base I found mesmerising (and I still do). I haven’t seen another like it since. Planted into a flared Chinese oval pot, the flare on the side echoes the corresponding flare of the base.

Field maple. An unusual raft planting, actually started from an airlayer over 10 years ago. A beautiful display of buttery yellow from a native tree to the UK. I have done a lot of work on ramification during the last 10 years. Planted into Chinese bonsai pot, I am on the lookout for a more subtle oatmeal type colour pot for this tree next .
Shisigashira Maple. Those of you that know me, will know I’m a sucker for a Shishi, this one I imported from Japan around 15 years ago. It is not a large tree at about 40 cm tall, but nicely proportioned. Planted into a hand made Gordon Duffett bonsai pot.