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Aluminum Bonsai Wire


Available in

100g (£4.50) – 250g (£9.00) – 500g (£15) – 1kg (£24)

Aluminum Bonsai Wire is a product designed exclusively for the purpose of styling and shaping bonsai trunks, branches, and twigs. It is available in various gauges and weights, allowing for customization to accommodate different thicknesses of branches.

A general guideline when using aluminum wire is to select a thickness that is approximately half the size of the branch you intend to manipulate. However, this may vary depending on the specific species of bonsai tree.

Aluminum bonsai wire is a specialized wire that has been specially crafted for use in bonsai tree manipulation. It is manufactured using anodized aluminum, a type of aluminum that has undergone a process involving the application of an oxide layer. This treatment enhances its resistance to corrosion, making it particularly suitable for application in bonsai trees. Moreover, the use of this wire ensures that the delicate bark of the tree remains unharmed.

Please select the GAUGE and WIEGHT of wire you require from the drop down box.

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