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Bonsai Maples – by Andrea Meriggioli


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Bonsai Maples – by Andrea Meriggioli  –  Many of you know I am very much into Japanese Maples for bonsai use. I have been awaiting the publication of this book in English for some time. We now have a number of copies available. I cannot begin to say how comprehensive this book is, some truly great information and photos. You cannot be seriously into Maples and not own this book. Information below from author. So far, books published in Europe on the genus Acer have handled the subject only in a partial way, if not inadequately. Here you can find — for the first time, in detail and covering all possible topics — everything you need to know about growing and nursing bonsai trees of the species Acer palmatum (紅葉) and Acer buergerianum (楓). These two species differ from one another as to growth, needs, and specific features; for that reason, they need to be dealt with separately. Reading this book, every reader will be able to find exactly what he/she is looking for, explained clearly and in detail. The book is richly illustrated, with over 650 photographs and drawings, guiding the reader step by step in each section. The newest, groundbreaking bonsai techniques are included, perfectly adapted to the natural character of maples. Thanks to his frequent work and study visits to Japan, as well as with the aid of a number of translations of specialised texts, the Author has been able to expand his knowledge of the subject over the years, learning directly from the most famous bonsai masters. This publication aims at making each single detail and aspect of the techniques employed available for all, in a clear and practical way. The first part includes an important historiography of the genus Acer, starting from the origins. Each single species and cultivar is portrayed comprehensively, like only an expert botanist could do, giving detailed specific information useful to bonsai practice in every section of the book. Besides analysing the different cultivars used for bonsai, the three subspecies related to Acer palmatum are examined, providing the correct clues readers may need to distinguish them. The whole text is informed by Japanese culture, with special focus on the important place maple trees occupy within it.


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