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Bird Plum Bonsai (Sageretia) – Indoor Bonsai Tree in Glazed Pot

Bird Plum, also known as Sageretia theezans, is a popular bonsai tree species originating from southern China and Southeast Asia. This bonsai is a small, evergreen tree that has glossy, dark green leaves that are finely toothed and oblong in shape. The bark of the Sageretia bonsai is flaky and grey in color, it produces small flowers that are often followed by striking dark berries

Sageretia bonsai is a great choice for beginners because it is relatively easy to care for and grows quickly. It can be grown indoors all year round or outdoors in summer. When grown indoors, it requires a bright location near a window to thrive. This bonsai prefers well-draining soil, and it should be watered regularly to keep the soil moist but not saturated.

The Sageretia bonsai can be styled in many ways, and it responds well to pruning and wiring. It is a great choice for bonsai enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting with different styles and techniques. With proper care, Sageretia bonsai can live for many years and bring joy and beauty to any indoor or outdoor space.

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